Biatriospora (Ascomycota: Pleosporales) is an ecologically diverse genus including facultative marine fungi and endophytes with biotechnological potential

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Biatriospora (Ascomycota: Pleosporales, Biatriosporaceae) is a genus with unexplored diversity and poorly known ecology. This work expands the Biatriospora taxonomic and ecological concept by describing four new species found as endophytes of woody plants in temperate forests of the Czech Republic and in tropical regions, including Amazonia. Ribosomal DNA sequences, together with protein-coding genes (RPB2, EF1α), growth rates and morphology, were used for species delimitation and description. Ecological data gathered by this and previous studies and the inclusion of sequences deposited in public databases show that Biatriospora contains species that are endophytes of angiosperms in temperate and tropical regions as well as species that live in marine or estuarine environments. These findings show that this genus is more diverse and has more host associations than has been described previously. The possible adaptations enabling the broad ecological range of these fungi are discussed. Due to the importance that Biatriospora species have in bioprospecting natural products, we suggest that the species introduced here warrant further investigation.
Taxonomía, Hongos, Biotecnología